Building a 3D Printer

This will soon be a full instructional guide for the Hypercube CoreXY 3D Printer design, created by Tech2c. For now, there is a link to the original project, and a Bill of Materials from only amazon. This means one single Purchase can be completed to receive all the parts of this 3D Printer build.

For many of these products very cheap alternatives exist. Especially fasteners and electronics can often be purchased at a much lower rate by shopping around sites like alibaba or banggood or by searching and getting lucky on ebay. The point of this particular BOM was to find the cheapest options from one location. Amazon was the only site I was able to find ALL parts on.

The categories for purchasable parts are listed in order of seeming necessity. This means that some categories, especially the last three, might be able to be completely ignored if you already have a workspace with enough parts and tools available. If you already have plenty of tools, you can skip that entire category, and if you have lots of screws, nuts, and bolts then you can ignore the fasteners category.

I have listed the frame and lead screw for this particular build at 100mm taller than the original design by Tech2c, in order to produce a taller build area in the end. This means that you could purchase one fewer 2020 extrusion, two 400mm steel rods, and a 300mm lead screw if you wanted to have a slightly cheaper build and something closer to an actual cube.